"Green Quartal"

“Green Quartal” is unique residential complex, which combines urban comfort and ecological cleanliness of country life.

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General plan of residential complex “ Green Quarter”

Lay-outs and prices of apartments in the residential complex “Green Quarter”

Here you can choose, book and buy an apartment in the residential complex «Green Quarter» in our section with lay-outs and prices *


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Infrastructure of Residential Complex «Green Quarter»

Real estate developer the company "BI Group" had designed the infrastructure of Residential Complex " Green Quarter " in such a way to obtain only positive feedback from the stakeholders.

Necessary objects of
social infrastructure

System “Smart parking”

Closed territory of the block
with guarded and closed yards

Personal service

Smart Home System

Current stage of construction of RC “Green Quarter”

In this section you can find photos illustrating construction progress of a new Residential Complex

ЗК вторая фаза (В2, В3, паркинг) - 2,4%

Construction progress

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Accessible mortgage

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It is necessary to have additional deposit

  1. Identity card of the Borrower, the Borrower's spouse (s);
  2. Statement on address of the Borrower and his (her) spouse;
  3. The certificate of marriage of the Borrower;
  4. Salary statement (6 months) of the Borrower, or Certificate of PE, Tax returns.
  5. Extract from the “Integrated Accumulative Pension Fund” of the Borrower, the spouse of the Borrower
  6. * The Bank has the right to request additional documents at its own discretion.

Answers and questions

General construction section

What class is RC "Zeleniy Quartal"?

It is the second class (business class)

How does the price of quadrature form?

It forms of cost of construction and assembly works, cost of land, infrastructure, remoteness of connection to engineering networks, the ratio S of the land plot to S construction, the saturation of amenities: parks (gardening), a lake, sports grounds, bike paths, etc. .

When will Technical Inventory Bureau take measures?

By the end of March, the first working commission will meet, in April - the second working commission and at the end of construction - the main commission will meet.

What is the coefficient of Technical Inventory Bureau measurements in loggias?

Measurements are taken in accordance with the SNiP with a coefficient of 0.5. The financial ratio for the glazed balconies is 0.75, for the non-glazed is 0.5, for the terraces is 0.3.

What level of LEED certificate should this residential complex receive?

Residential homes are certified LEED by the level of SERTIFIED (standard). LEED certification is carried out for the building as a whole, certificates are not assigned to apartments as independent objects.

According to the requirements of the LEED certification, the project must pass a stage-by-stage assessment at the American Council for Green Construction (USGBC). At that moment, the project has been registered and it is being evaluated the design stage, the Sustainable Construction Site. Further, upon completion of the construction, the project will be evaluated by Commissioning (start-up operations according to the American standard ASHRAE). Registration of the project on the page of the site: http://www.usgbc.org/search/Kazakhstan?filters=type%3Aproject

Architectural section

What windows were installed in Residential Complex “Zeleniy Quartal”?

Stained-glass aluminum system Schuco series AWC 75 HI / SI (Germany), glass of American brand Guardian Neutral 60/40 /, processed by SIBGLASS, glass unit with triple glazing are installed in Residential Complex “Zeleniy Quartal”.
Advantages of SunGuard HP Neutral 60/40:
Improved sun protection and heat savings.
Homogeneous color in reflection and lumen.
The possibility of hardening, heat-strengthening, bending and lamination.

Why false window is installed?

To save the facade composition.
The aluminum system Schuco of series AWC 60 HI (Germany), glass of the American brand Guardian Neutral 60/40 /, processing is carried out by SIBGLASS, glass unit with double glazing are installed in Residential Complex “Zeleniy Quartal”. Risks of freezing in the case of using this opening as a window exist.

Why the stained glass window does not exactly fit into the partition between the apartments or rooms?

The designer presents the junction of the partition to the stained glass window also and agrees it with Schuco,. The size of a hollow pillar is 5 cm, it will not give sufficient noise insulation, it is necessary to apply the proposed node by the designer for sufficient noise insulation.

Can the BI Group assist in the installation of double-glazed windows instead of false windows?

No. Residents carry out these works independently.

Do all apartments have false windows?

All apartments, except for block B1.

I would like to receive useful advice how to insulate false windows in case of opening them.

Replace glass unit a two-compartment unit.

Section of engineering networks

Is it possible to change the location of radiators in a dwelling?

According to the recommendation and calculations of the designer's heat loss, changing of system can lead to frost and icing of stained glass and walls, and also to dampness.

In case of connection loggia with a living room and warming floors, will there be enough heat in a room with enlarged area?

It is necessary to insulate the floor and ceiling in the loggia, floor and cell of the cold room of loggia, transfer the radiator to the stained-glass window, and install electric warm floors. After receiving the keys and signing the acceptance certificate, the client is responsible for changes in apartment.

Is it possible to open gypsum plasterboard plating of engineering networks of heating, ventilation and water and sewerage lines?

It is possible after receiving the keys and signing acceptance and transfer certificate.

Air conditioning system

What air-conditioning system will be installed in Residential Complex “Zeleniy Quartal”?

The air conditioning system Samsung DVM (the main system for apartments) is installed on outdoor units on the roof of the building.
Air conditioning system Samsung FJM (apartment penthouses) is installed on outdoor units on the roof of the building.
The system of separate electricity metering will be carried out quarter-by-quarter.

Smart Home System

What is included in Smart Home system? How will the payment be made?

The basic package of the Smart Home system includes video door phone in the corridor, a speakerphone in the bathroom, a "turn off all" button, an electronic lock on the entrance door, mobile application for video doorphones.
To 32 CCTV cameras can connect up to each video door phone apartment (in the elevator hall on the floor, entrance groups, playgrounds, parking space, etc.)
The mobile video application will allow you to see and talk with the guest without even being at home, and if necessary open the door.
Additional options for the Smart Home system are ordered by the customer individually for a fee.

The price for additional options for Smart Home system

The cost of options for Smart Home system is considered on the filling of the system, the preferences of the customer, the equipment manufacturer (Europe, China, Russia, etc.) Estimated cost for equipment "Smart Home" HDL (China):
-for 1 room apartment from 1 700 000 tenge
-for 2 room apartments from 2 500 000 tenge
-for 3 room apartments from 2 800 000 tenge
-for 4-room apartments from 3 000 000 tenge

Will there be concierges in the house?

In Block B1 there will be a single dispatch service, where every dweller can turn through video door phone in the apartment, as well as guests can turn through the video door entry panel on the entrance from the street.
Also from the dispatching service there will be monitoring of the CCTV cameras of the complex. At the request of the client, with the agreement of the dwellers of the house and the service company, it will be possible to obtain concierge services.


What is the system of cars entering into the parking?

The access system will be implemented in 3 ways:
2. Exit through the communication panel to the dispatcher
3. Magnet card reader in case of approaching the gate. Automatic opening of the gate. The cost of the card and the electronic reader will be specified.

What is the contractor of the interquartal road?

Road construction company "Avtodorstroy"

Where are the open parking spaces located?

They are located on the perimeter of the complex

Will it be realized what is stated in the project? (Squares, bicycle paths, etc.)


When will the object be completed with landscaping?


Where will the park be located?

The park will be located between the Residential Complex “Zeleniy Quartal” and Residential Complex BI City.

Presentation of RC “ Green Quarter”

You can find information on location of buildings, feedback information, progress of construction, lay-out of apartments and prices * for apartments in the Residential Complex «Green Quarter» in our pdf presentation.

Зеленый Квартал

To download the presentation
*The price is fixed at the moment of Contract conclusion

Residential complex "Green Quartal" is a corner of nature in the middle of the metropolis.

Residential complex "Green Quartal" is a corner of nature in the middle of the metropolis. It is located in the intensively developing district of the left bank of Astana. The creators of the project united urban lifestyle and environmentally friendly countryside atmosphere.

RC «Green Quarter» is a tandem of nature and megapolis
The architects of the project successfully implemented the idea to locate a residential complex along an artificial reservoir and a living park zone. Those who acquire real estate in this complex, will inevitably feel complete unity and harmony with nature.
At building the complex, energy-efficient double-glazed windows were used. It allows in 2-3 times reduce heat loss in the premises. At internal furnish mineral insulants, expanded polystyrene and vacuum thermal insulation were used. Lighting devices of residential buildings also save energy.
Modern engineering solution is the Smart Home System and installation of “Silver” high-speed silent lifts. The leading providers of Internet services, telephony and television are actively cooperating for comfort of residents with the "Green Quartal" complex.
RC "Green Quartal": choose your package of services
Each resident has a choice of an additional package of services and a standard package. Everyone without exception is entitled:
• Smart Home System with video doorphone, electronic lock on the entrance door, speakerphone in bathroom and the turn off all services button;
• twenty-four-seven hour video monitoring in the area;
• landscaping and greening of the building surrounding grounds;
• technical maintenance of residential and non-residential facilities;
• Charging for electric vehicles in the parking lot.
If the residents wish, they can use additional services at extra charge, such as:
• cleaning service;
• food, flowers, products delivery;
• transfer to any point of the city;
• storage for wine or car tires on the territory of the complex;
• clothes delivery to dry cleaning.
The residential complex "Green Quartal" includes several types of houses. Some of them are spacious penthouses with panoramic glazing and a magnificent view of the city landscapes. Apartments on each floor differ from each other in planning, the height of each apartment about three meters.
This residential complex is created for those who appreciate smart technologies in everything: in parking, yards, own apartments and does not forget about importance of maintaining health and an ecological way of life. The project implemented the most modern concepts for a comfortable life in a metropolis.

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